Books are the next big thing….

This week, I attended Mashed Library UK 2009 (Mash Oop North), and as the various tweets and blog posts will show, a good time was had by all! It was a good opportunity for me to get a bit of a break from all things access and identity management (although I did slip up a couple of times and voice definite identity thoughts) and I also got to play with Yahoo Pipes for the first time without just staring at the screen in horror and confusion.

As part of the event, delegates submitted ideas to the ideas bank for various different library mash-ups. I was interested to see how many of these were directly related to good old fashioned physical books and their management. In the world of JISC, we tend to spend most of our time thinking about the world of ‘e’, journals and more frequently at the moment e-books.

So why this focus? Is it that we have already done as much as we can with e-journals? Is it that publishers are doing it all for us? Is it that e-journal data is too locked down and not mashable? Or is it just that books are still the most relevant resource for libraries and students?