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Roaming about at TIP2013

One of the first sessions I attended that I had a chance of being able to participate in at TIP2013 was the eduroam BOF. Although my involvement in eduroam tends to be restricted to enthusiastic user and slight dabbling in issues of usability and policy, I was happy to attend as the European voice in … Read more

VAMP 2012: Chair notes on VO Use Cases

Chair notes on VO Use Cases (iv), 12:45 – 14:15 6th September 2012 ELIXIR EGA AAI Pilot – Mikael Linden ELIXI EGA AAI project is part of the work of the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI). EBI has specific requirement regarding release of data sets relating to genomes, where permission has not been granted by the … Read more

Name, Rank and Number

Last week, I chaired the consultation meeting for the EC AAA Study that is being lead by TERENA with a consortium of partner organisations across Europe. The focus of that report is access and identity management for researchers specifically, but a lot of the comments at the meeting are very applicable to federation as a … Read more

Achieving WAYRN

A while back I talked about the need for a ‘Where Are You Right Now?’ service within the UK federation. I’m pleased to say this work is now complete and ready for you to use. Permission to access academic resources is typically either achieved in one of two ways (ignoring some of the more spurious … Read more

Launching the Shibboleth Consortium

Today, the official begging letters asking for funding towards the Shibboleth Consortium started to trickle out. Full (probably unnecessary) disclosure – with one of my many different hats on I act as the Shibboleth Consortium Manager so this is not a disinterested post…but I have had many different and interesting conversations with people around the … Read more

Lightning Talks at #TNC2012

I’m attending the lightning talks on the first day at #TNC2012. Some of the things we are hearing about (I didn’t get them all, twitter and unicorns are distracting): Mujina: a way of testing your SAML IdP and SP from Surfnet Encryption and Cryptography for Filesender: something I have talked about before from the nice … Read more

De/fragmented Collaboration?

I’ve been thinking a lot around the idea of providing collaborative tools at a national level for education and research recently, spurred by several conversations and the general march of free to use tools proliferating around us on a daily basis. This post is an attempt to bring some of those thoughts and ideas together … Read more