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Life will find a way

I’ve been following Dave White’s Visitors and Residents work for a while as it fits in well with the discussions around identity provisioning that we’ve had endless debates about in REFEDS and Shibboleth circles. I was really pleased to see his latest piece on the Learning Black Market as it highlighted concerns I have had … Read more

The Customer Grift

I think we are all quite accepting now of the fact that ‘the customer is always right’ has been replaced with ‘the computer is always right’. All around the world, companies are struggling to offer even basic customer services (I buy stuff, you send stuff) as confused ‘support’ staff battle to make computers do what … Read more

#IRISC Session 1 Geoffrey Bilder

First up at #IRISC2011 is Geoffrey Bilder from CrossRef and ORCID. Apparently Identity and Identifiers is second only to tax in terms of boring subjects – Geoffrey has obviously never hungout with the REFEDS folks before, we can talk about this stuff for *days*. The Scholarly Record focuses on the longterm with the need to … Read more

Hosting a logo – Simples?

You *may* have heard me mention, once or twice, that we really want to use your logos as part of the new discovery process for the UK federation. On the face of it, this seems like a really simple request…send us a link to a logo on an https page, send us the preferred name … Read more