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The Open Agenda – where’s the source?

Just back from the very hectic FAM10 conference and the RAPTOR project board meeting in Cardiff. RAPTOR is looking great by the way – have I mentioned that before? 🙂 It’s now time for me to start putting some serious head time in to the future of Shibboleth and where the Shibboleth Consortium takes the … Read more

Middleware Coordination, Coperation and Copenhagen

I will be spending today at the tf-emc2 meeting in Copenhagen. For those of you not familiar with tf-emc2, safe to say it is the home of the uber-techies involved in middleware stuff in Europe (and indeed beyond, with Ken Klingenstein in the room). I’m in a mellow mood after being charmed with great food … Read more

Last Christmas…

Have decided to create a record of the JISC London office Christmas parties for prosperity. This only goes back to 2003, so if you have any further information, please do let me know. 2003 – Boulevard Brasserie. Highlight was Leona and Liam dancing on tables in the Corner Store and the infamous baby photos quiz. … Read more

A Different Perspective on Identity

Last week, I spoke at the eema European e-Identity Management Conference. Although intended for “those in business, public sector and government who are involved in the policy, security, systems and processes surrounding identity management”, the high price tag of the conference meant it was very business oriented. This lead to an interesting focus on mobile … Read more