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Grouper and CoManage

I’m spending the first morning at the Spring Internet2 meeting focusing on Grouper and COmanage, which fits in nicely with the discussions on the jisc-shib list on extending attribute usage. Upcoming functionality in v1.5.0 of Grouper: namespace transition (i.e. the ability to move and copy groups), audit facilities, indirect membership management, and possible work on … Read more

UKSG: Plenary Session 4

Understanding and Recognising Research Excellence: Jay Katzen Katzen starts by saying that technology is being touted as the way out of the economic crisis, but the reality is that people are pulling back because they are unsure of the future. Lean times = lean research, but there are inefficiencies in the current research that can … Read more

UKSG: Plenary Session 3

Warning – this session is likely to be off-topic for access management audience National e-Books Observatory: Lorraine Estelle The JISC e-Books Observatory has been running for several years, analysing the use of a set of core text book usage by students. The reasoning behind the study was to prove that there was a viable market … Read more

Navigation at UKSG

Marthyn Borguis session was on how users navigate publisher platforms. Tied in nicely with the JISC study focused on SP interfaces which will be starting up soon and reporting in July. Martyn used path analysis to track activity on the basis of logged actions, distinguished between guests and customers, with attention paid to entry pages … Read more

UKSG Plenary Session 1

Jan Velterop: Beyond Open Access Jan Velterop is starting UKSG off with a talk on ‘Beyond Open Access’ – by this he means everything but Open Access! From my perspective, this is interesting as he is talking about ‘organisational underload, rather than knowledge overload’ – which fits in well with themes from this blog regarding … Read more

Too short a season

At the co-sponsored JISC Collections / RSC NW / RSC Yorkshire and Humber event today. These events tend to be fairly informal, and as they are done on a regional basis. Participants often come for just a few hours- which perhaps is an indicator of how time pressed IT staff and Librarians are in FE. … Read more

Internet2: C-SPAN Library

The second presentation in the general session is on the C-SPAN Library – again, apologies for being off-topic today. The C-SPAN Library Archive plans to create an online, Indexed, accessible, digital video collection of all C-SPAN Programming from 1987 – present, including 150,000 hours of programming. C-SPAN captures important political recordings as a public service, … Read more

Internet2: General Session

After the usual welcome from Doug and being treated to a New Orleans tradition of being bombarded with Mardi Gras beads, the general session will start with an update from Tulane University on the impact of Hurricane Katrina. Scott Cowen highlights the fact that New Orleans is still a tale of two cities. Whilst the … Read more