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Metadata Aggregation is the Next Big Thing – Honest!

Those of you deeply embroiled in the finer details of federation constructions (no, it’s not just me!) cannot have avoided being in a conversation recently about the need to separate the role of Federations as registrars of metadata and the role of metadata aggregation and distribution. Simply put, Federations add useful assurance and trust qualities … Read more

federated access is the new black

We are starting to see the first signs of federated access being used as a core decision point in business planning. In this uncertain market, publishers and institutions are having to make decisions about the best possible way to maximise their markets and maximise their spending power. We’ve recently been helping institutions review their resource … Read more

Legal Technicalities…

One of the problems faced by access management federations as they are currently being developed is the ‘two worlds collide’ problem of establishing trust. For most federations, the trust relationship is currently defined by a legal or quasi-legal agreement between members (typically distinguished as Identity Providers and Service Providers) in the form of a signed … Read more

(B)Reaching Resources

I have had several in-depth conversations with Service Providers over the last couple of days regarding concerns that institutions are not taking their obligations seriously enough in terms of identity management and in relation to devolved authentication processes. I thought it would be worth capturing some of the discussions here. My first point is that … Read more

Magic Bullet

Mark writes: Second part of our Institutional Support process, for Universities and Colleges seeking support to help set them up as IdPs, went out today. We know its not going to be a magic bullet to cure all issues that Institutions are having but like the best DNA treatments these days, it is tightly targetted. … Read more