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Back on 6th March we had a really excellent McShib day up in Edinburgh. Despite the event being really good, the plane managed to break my laptop on the way home which means I don’t have the presentations or the saved hashtags for the event so this is just going to be about thoughts I … Read more

WAYRN: Where are You Right Now?

Anyone who has worked with federations will be familiar with the term WAYF – Where are You From? This is the question you are asked so a service provider can identity which institution you are affiliated with. As a term it’s not so accurate – am I really ‘from’ King’s College? – but as a … Read more

You Can’t Sue Unicorns

A lot of people have asked me why you can’t sue Unicorns. Here is the back story. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. ———————————————– One cold wintry day, two federati are talking about people making unreasonable demands as to what should be included in a policy statement: Federati1: I want federation operators to … Read more

Student developers

I’ts been a pretty stressful time for me recently as I deal with an unexpected house move, so it takes something really interesting to grab my attention away from boxes and clutter at the weekends. This weekend, DevXS managed to do exactly that. DevXS was a simple but lovely idea – what would happen if … Read more