Counting the Costs of FAM10

After a lot of soul searching with regards to the current funding cuts, I have decided that it will be appropriate to go ahead with FAM10 this year with a real focus on practical benefits for librarians and developers. This decision was based on:

  • The excellent feedback we received for FAM09;
  • The fact that I had booked the venue before the new government decisions so there would have been a cancellation fee;
  • the very practical focus of FAM as an event;
  • The fact that there is not much of a focus on the importance of identity and access management elsewhere in the UK at the moment to render this unnecessary.

I hope you agree with this as a decision and hope to see many of you at the event. We have combined with JANET so there will be no duplication of eventage in this area.

We are pulling together what I think is a strong progamme and have had lots of good suggestions from the lovely people on jisc-shibboleth. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them 🙂

More interestingly, I would love your ideas for keeping the costs down on what will be a face-to-face event. Do you expect us to provide accommodation or is this something your institution would be able to cover? Any ideas for ‘free’ evening entertainment? (other than just drinking in the bar at your own cost). What other ways can we drive costs down for all of us? Have you recently run an event or attended an event that looked carefully at cost saving?

I’ve always been against event management companies and we will do all the event management in-house (gulp, no Mel this year!) using Google for booking forms, document management, presentation publication and event information as per FAM09. I’ve also always been against paper at these sort of events so will probably repeat the paper free policy of last year – I hope this works for people. I won’t cut back on making sure their is good connectivity and plenty of powerpoints at the event to support amplification.

What else can we do?

All your help and advice would be gratefully received.

4 thoughts on “Counting the Costs of FAM10

  1. Matt

    If you want to make the management of bookings etc easier to do in house (and still for free) have a look at – it really does make life easier – I’ve become a big fan.

    There are also a whole bunch of free tools that could support the amplification stuff which I could bore you about as well..

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