Last Christmas…

Have decided to create a record of the JISC London office Christmas parties for prosperity. This only goes back to 2003, so if you have any further information, please do let me know.

2003 – Boulevard Brasserie. Highlight was Leona and Liam dancing on tables in the Corner Store and the infamous baby photos quiz.

2004 – Now closed Italian restaurant in Soho. Highlight for me was being rung repeatedly between 11 – 1 am with people wishing me merry Christmas. I was a very nine months pregnant and curled up at home!

2005 – Tas and the White Hart. A very tame year, although Paul Gambercini put in an appearance to help us with the Christmas Music Quiz 🙂

2006 – Bond Themed Party at the City Inn in Westminster. Warning, the bar is very expensive. Freddie’s wig and Sarah’s Bond villainess hat were to be appreciated. Much memory loss all round.

2007 – Selfridges Hotel, Oxford Street. There were other people there so we had to behave ourselves. Highlights were my hair looking decent for once thanks to hours in the hairdressers and Mel and Al dancing to Valerie. First introduction of the fiendishly difficult Whetstone Quiz.

2008 – La Clique, London. A suitable camp venue for jiscites! Keith wins the Whetstone Quiz. Again.

2009 – 1940’s, Flim Noir and The Queens Arms. ????