Lightning Talks at #TNC2012

I’m attending the lightning talks on the first day at #TNC2012. Some of the things we are hearing about (I didn’t get them all, twitter and unicorns are distracting):

  • Mujina: a way of testing your SAML IdP and SP from Surfnet
  • Encryption and Cryptography for Filesender: something I have talked about before from the nice people at AARnet.
  • An Italian pilot to test the use of twitter to support astronomy pedagogy (note Andy McGregor and the Elevator people).
  • A new approach to provisioning with SAML from Yaco, who also wrote the code for PEER.
  • A presentation on Unhosted, another project looking at breaking the cycle of giving data to third party providers. Sounds a lot like UMA – SMART people!
  • Peter on the (federated) TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive project that might be of interest to Eduserv cloud people.
  • Another shiny R&E federation in the form of Tuakiri (New Zealand). I’ve had to register an entity with Tuakiri and can confirm they are a nice federation to join.
  • A useful talk by Scott Rea on managing the risks presented by the recent CA attacks and failure. Definitely worth a look at the Dartmouth College report if you are an IT manager in R&E.
  • Chris Phillips on SCIM beating up SPML. I think it is too early to say if any of these standards will be useful in cloud provisioning, but happy to sit tight wait and see at the moment.
  • Bjarni talking about PageKite, another project starting to question the way the web is being used and whether it achieves the aims of ‘freedom and privacy’. This chimes with the talk I will be giving tomorrow (plug plug).
  • Shooting more moons with a collaboration between JANET and PowerFolder to federate up their product(s)….which is a bit like a private dropbox on acid. So more handwaving towards the cloud folks.

I’ve been trying to find a common theme to cunningly link all of the talks. It’s difficult but I think most of the speakers were saying:

  • here’s some stuff.
  • we’ve done it for you.
  • it works.
  • go play!