Back on 6th March we had a really excellent McShib day up in Edinburgh. Despite the event being really good, the plane managed to break my laptop on the way home which means I don’t have the presentations or the saved hashtags for the event so this is just going to be about thoughts I had from the day.

For me the most impressive presentation was from the RAPID project, which is looking at a practical implementation of RAPTOR at the University of Newcastle. As well as a very clever project logo, Richard and Chris gave a really excellent overview of the project, introducing a whole range of new ways of using RAPTOR for monitoring including PC Cluster room usage and application usage within the university.

Phil Smart from Cardiff was on hand to talk about WUGEN – a WAYFless URL Generator created by Cardiff University. WUGEN is still a pilot concept and JISC is in the process of analysing the final report and talking to the UK federation about a permanent home. There is a test instance of WUGEN available here, but please be aware that this is a TEST instance only and not a permanent service! Interestingly, such a generator came up as one of the favourite ideas for the federation administrative interface.

For my part, I was at McShib not only for the interesting content but as a plea for help in designed an administrative interface for the UK federation. This is what happens when you ask a bunch of McShibbers to brainstorm for you:

Andy's Team at Work

The session was excellent and came up with some really good ideas, that actually translated into something like a design proposal at the end of the day:

post-it notes are us

We’ve taken these ideas and created an ideascale from them – we would really like to see more of your ideas and thoughts to add to this…and hopefully more news on this soon. Generally though I’d be interested in feedback on whether you think an interface for the federation is a good idea – what do you think?