My Wishlist

With rumours afloat within the corridors of JISC that the new Innovation Group Access and Identity Management Programme may be launched sometime in the next few months….I thought I might talk about some of the developments I’d like to see in this area in the hopes of a very early project-flavoured Christmas present 🙂

  • Standardised WAYFlessURLs. It was done for OpenURLs…..
  • It’s MY identity: student engagement with the whole user-centric debate. Do they want an institutional identity? To involve IT students, philosophy students, anthropology students…
  • Institutional Browser Toolbar to manage resources accessible for that institution via federated access.
  • Simple write-ups of uses of extended attributes: entitlements etc.
  • More work on group management…but actually in a way that embeds something within institutions.
  • Federate that App! Plug-ins and documentation for shibbolised applications.
  • Can an institution manage user-centric identity? Institution as a broker of authorisation rather than a provider of identity? Playing with RFX?
  • Nice toolkits for better IdP log management.
  • More studies on online identity and the way we present ourselves online – particularly where it touches other JISC work like author identifiers, Open Educational Resources, Repositories etc.
  • Tools for registering walk-in users.

There is probably more…but I don’t want to be greedy. Anyone else?

1 thought on “My Wishlist

  1. Cal

    “student engagement with the whole user-centric debate. Do they want an institutional identity?” I get nervous around the whole user centric debate, as the saying goes “the problem with band wagons is that while they move fast they don’t take you where you want to go”. I have yet to see anyone suggest any kind of true user centric identity for students that would actually work in real practical terms for all students. You might get a subset of computer savy students who really benefit from user centric identity but the rest will be left disenfranchised, confused and exploited. With user centric identity at present it isn’t “My Identity”, it’s google’s or facebook’s and they will exploit and control that identity for their own ends.

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