Pimp My DS (it’s going to catch on)

Shortly before Christmas, the Shibboleth team released their first beta of the new Shibboleth Embedded Discovery service. Unless you are on the shibdev list you might not have heard about this lovely new development so I thought I might do a bit of ‘pimping’!

The embedded DS aims to significantly improve the current problems that users have with the WAYF (Where Are You From) Service. It was developed independently from the Kantara ULX work but arrived at similar conclusions – although if you have been following Kantara you may see some contextual differences.

More information about the embedded DS can be found here. What we would really love is beta testers, so if you have a shibboleth SP running somewhere, possibly a test service, and would like to have a look at this beta release please please do hop along and see what you think. I’d really encourage our institutions with SPs to see what they think.

If you would like to see this in action, have a look at this. Please note this is a live testing site so it may change, be down or generally not playing well but it may give you an idea of where these developments are heading.

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