Publisher Interface Study Report

The final report from Cardiff University, looking at the issues surrounding the user experience when using federated access management has now been delivered to JISC and is set out on a wiki for community consultation. In response to the recommendations from the report, JISC intends to:
1. Carry out a full public consultation on the findings of the report (that’s this bit!)
2. Instigate an international competition for the design of a federated log-in brand (that’s coming)
3. Develop full brand guidelines for Service Providers;
4. Develop an easy-install tool and guide for embedded WAYFs (Where are You From Services).
We will only successfully move forward by establishing a learned consensus so we invite you to read through the report and please feel free to submit your ideas by using the comment function on the wiki or by the feedback form provided.

So particulary if you are a Service Provider (publisher), don’t waste time here, get reading (and commenting!) here