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The Customer Grift

I think we are all quite accepting now of the fact that ‘the customer is always right’ has been replaced with ‘the computer is always right’. All around the world, companies are struggling to offer even basic customer services (I buy stuff, you send stuff) as confused ‘support’ staff battle to make computers do what … Read more

No Room for Authentication?

I recently picked up this piece from Evan Williams of Blogger and Twitter fame. Williams takes a different approach to that of the traditionally perceived access management flow where authentication establishes who you are and authorisation establishes what you are allowed to access. In the blog, Williams assigns the ‘permission’ aspect directly to authentication and … Read more

Something is Dead, Long Live Something or Other…

I came across this interesting article about OpenID via @foolington from the JISC Logins for Life project. OpenID has naturally hit that point in its life where people are talking about it being dead and failing to achieve its goals – we see this dip with all products and we saw the same criticism of SAML, which I believe is now firmly embedded as a mainstream standard supporting a variety of technologies (including OpenID). Read more