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No Room for Authentication?

I recently picked up this piece from Evan Williams of Blogger and Twitter fame. Williams takes a different approach to that of the traditionally perceived access management flow where authentication establishes who you are and authorisation establishes what you are allowed to access. In the blog, Williams assigns the ‘permission’ aspect directly to authentication and … Read more

Identity Audit

So, after my Identity Ramblings of yesterday, something a little more concrete and hopefully useful. As keen followers of my blog will know (both of you) we’ve been trying to do some work within JISC to help institutions better understand who their users are. I’ve been particularly focusing on students and the JISC Collections licenses … Read more

Laying Down the Law

This morning is the morning of big hitters for those of us in the identity world and we start with Kim Cameron, who starts by defining the word ‘kludge’ and saying it is an ideal way to describe the world of digital identity. We have created an identity system online that is fundamentally difficult to … Read more