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Life will find a way

I’ve been following Dave White’s Visitors and Residents work for a while as it fits in well with the discussions around identity provisioning that we’ve had endless debates about in REFEDS and Shibboleth circles. I was really pleased to see his latest piece on the Learning Black Market as it highlighted concerns I have had … Read more

Some thoughts about (authentication) discovery aimed at librarians

So I’ve been having an interesting conversation with that Dave Pattern about authentication this morning and why librarians like EZProxy so much. I’m not going to get in to the whole discussion about the problems of proxies, the issues with faking an IP authentication and the lack of personalisation. I want to talk about why … Read more


Something that got my brain working this morning was a timely tweet from the ever observant @daveyp about the fact that ScienceDirect are using DoubleClick adverts at article level on some of their resources. Here’s an example for you: Now firstly, I’m not necessarily saying this is a bad thing. Elsevier make it quite clear … Read more