TNC2009: Opening Plenary

Plenary session starts at TNC2009 with a focus on the importance of communities of practise within science infrastructures. This echoes back to the discussions we had in the REFEDS meeting yesterday on the importance of allowing communities to define their identity assurance profiles – I’ve been arguing for sometime that this is not something that federations should be in the business of creating as they do not represent a community of practise.

After the usual dry Geant3 stuff, we get on the session that might explain why I am currently holding 3D glasses in my hands. Jorge Cortell from Kanteron Sytems is here to talk about augmented reality – specifically in healthcare. Augumented Reality is being used in the operating room to project very specific scans on to the patients body. This means that a doctor knows exactly where they need to operate – saving important time when, for example, removing a difficult to locate tumor. Anchoring points are used to ensure the image is located in the correct location on the patients body. This is patient specific – we all have specific anatomical abnormalities. The benefits are less pain, less medication, lower risk, and lower costs.