TNC2009: Buses a-Roaming

The day seemed to start well, when we discovered that all the local bus stops in Malaga were advertising the TERENA conference – a marvellous piece of comms work!


Things started to go less well when we realised there was a local bicycle race on that meant our bus was redirected – and we didn’t know where! In the end, flagging down a local taxi was the only option.

The return back to the hotel was slightly more successful, particularly when it was revealed that eduroam was available on the bus!


A lesson for us in the UK – we are struggling to get eduroam live in the JISC London Office…maybe was can hire Malaga Bus Authorities to do the job for us?

2 thoughts on “TNC2009: Buses a-Roaming

  1. Chris Keene

    Confused! eduroam, to quote its website, “is the roaming infrastructure used by the international research and education community”.

    Why would a local bus have eduroam, was it a University bus?


  2. nicole

    The bus does serve the University yes, but eduRoam on the bus was set up specifically for the TERENA delegates who are using the buses to get from the main centre to the conference venue. Means we never have to stop blogging or tweeting. Hum, is this a good thing? 🙂

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