1 thought on “Waterboarding? Nope, just ‘Hey’

  1. Paul S.

    I feel your pain. Just as often, it’s libraries being blamed by their users for the shortcomings of suppliers. Trouble is, we (that’s academic libraries and JISC!) often actively invite our users to complain; [some] service providers aren’t so open to customer feedback.

    I think some of my (and others’) reactions to the frustrations of access management are though an instinctive analogy to access to print resources, i.e.:

    Access to full text ≈ reference access. We don’t really need to know who you are, just where you are. When it’s too difficult to navigate, full-blown authentication just doesn’t feel worth the full-text payback. So we’re happy with the (imperfect, non-personalised, but simple) solution of the proxy.

    Personalised authentication ≈ borrowing rights. We want to check your personal credentials before we let you walk off with the goods.


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